Marine Life

The seas surrounding the Sultanate of Oman offer some truly remarkable marine life treasures. With amazing corals, a myriad of species find their shelter in these warm waters.

Oman is also residence of the Arabian Humpback whale and several species of sea turtles; most of which are endangered.


From the Oryx to the Arabian Leopard, Oman shocases a fascinating array of terrestrial wildlife.

With such a diverse range of climates and terrains, Oman is an adventurers dream. High mountains, lush greens, desolate deserts and stretching coastlines are all teeming with life, ready to be discovered.


The Sultanate has an impressive variety of birds, including falcons, flamingos and a smorgasbord of coastal birds.

Some of these species have made Oman their permanent residence while others make a regular stop on the annual migration.

Oman In Focus: Not Discovered Yet

In 2021, Oman in Focus will produce two documentaries showcasing the incredible wildlife of this unique Gulf Country. Not only will the viewers enjoy an epic and intimate voyage of discovery, but they will also be made aware of the value of conserving the precious life and resources that the Sultanate has to offer. Audiences will be spurred on to enjoy this rich territory while also being encouraged to do their part in making sure that future generations will be able to do the same.

An internationally-acclaimed team of filmmakers will be crossing all corners of Oman to capture its amazing beauty. The completed projects will be availabe to both local and international audiences.

Filming begins on 1 March, 2021 and the final products are expected to be completed in June 2022.

This project will not be possible without the generous aid of our sponsors.


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