Not Discovered Yet (2021 – 2022)

Our Latest Project

Not Discovered Yet

With our latest project, the Oman in Focus team has created a first-of-its-kind wildlife documentary focusing exclusively on the wildlife of Oman.

Wild Oman

With this two-part blue-chip natural history documentary, viewers are taken on an epic journey throughout the Sultanate, showing some of the world’s rarest and most extraordinary creatures.

Marine Animals

Oman is home to one of the world’s most endangered species, the Arabian Sea Humpback Whale.

Terrestrial Wildlife

The variety of magnificent landscapes of Oman are teeming with all sorts of life.

Avian Species

Both residential and migratory birds are hosted in the wide open spaces of the Sultanate.

The Making of Wild Oman: Wonder of Arabia

This project would not be possible without the generous contribution from our sponsors.