About Us

Our founder
Maisa Al Hooti

A proud Omani woman and entrepreneur, Maisa started Oman in Focus in 2014 with the vision of introducing Oman to the World.

Through her various endeavors, Maisa has been using the visual media of film and photography to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the Sultanate.

Our Projects at a Glance

The various Oman in Focus Projects have each highlighted different aspects of the Sultanate

The Landscapes and Faces of Oman

The first Oman in Focus Project saw a team of photographers explore the beautiful landscapes and ancient culture of Oman

Oman’s Underwater Treasures in the World’s Spotlight

The second Oman in Focus Project hosted a group of professional underwater photographers to capture some of the world’s most exotic diving sites.

Not Discovered Yet

The biggest Oman in Focus project so far; a team of film-makers tour throughout the country to document the beautiful and surprising wildlife that call Oman their home

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